Fresh Air Handling Units




  1. Available in both chilled water and direct expansion system
  2. Custom built units to suit site requirements.
  3. Refrigerant options: R22, R410a, R407c, R134a & R404a.
  4. Heat Recovery Wheels, Heat Pipes, Plate Type Heat Exchangers and Run Around Coils.
  5. Capacity range: 600 CFM to 60000 CFM
  6. Environment friendly rock wool insulation. Also available injected polyurethane foam and fiber glass insulation on request.
  7. Copper fins, anti-corrosive coating on fins for coastal applications and side plates in SS construction.
  8. DX type Fresh Air Handling Units (Refrigerant options: R22, R407c, R410a, 134a, & R404a)
  9. Many Heat recovery options:
  • Heat recovery wheel
  • Heat pipe heat recovery
  • Cross flow plate type heat exchangers
  • Run around coils